Future update ideas and Helpful features (theoretical)

Update ideas (theoretical)

  • 3D Buildings snd real terrain
    -ATC, passenger bus or gate (whatever it’s called)
    -Ground control
    -Pushback truck
    -Ranks (Trainee, First Officer, Captain, Commander…)
    -Inside cabin view
    -Realistic engine, flight and plane sound.
  • Clouds and weather (cloudy, foggy, stormy, clear, scattered clouds, broken clouds)
    -Cheapter Online Pay (Instead of $80 it could maybe be $60 or $70). I know the developers need to get profits, but our money counts too.
    -Emergency or Failure section (where you can set a different kind of failures on your plane, engine failure or gear disfunction, fuel leak, with a possibility or risk chance on the section.

Hope these could get added eventually in the future. You can put your ideas in the comments! :D

-Have a safe flight!


Moat of these ideas are in #features how about vote for them there :)

That’s a good idea. Where’s #features?

Never mind. Found it xD

@Chelsey_Sullenberger Want me to find more?

Feel free to take a look through the #features category as mentioned and the topics that have been so kindly linked above by @Captain_Cign.