Future of Infinite Flight

What do you think the future will look like for IF? I know we have the new reworked A380 coming but what’s next?

Just a thought you might have or you hope to see!


IDK the 767? Maybe there will be another poll soon for narrowbodies?


767 would be real nice.


My speculations:

  • The 737 MAX series will most likely come out next after the A380.

  • Hopefully tire smoke to enhance my butter landings.

  • The magical “game crash” bug somehow gets resolved

  • More liveries will be added


I wouldn’t be surprised to see a poll opposing the A320 NEO to the 737 MAX (but which variant?)

Also in the Staff stream chat on YouTube the other day Jason said that clouds are looking “AMAZING” so I really hope if the coming months or next year we will see more clouds than just a 2D layer of cirruses.

However in my opinion, the Airbus A330-200 is the most needed aircraft in the sim and you should all go vote for it 😂


I’ll go for A320neo Family even though I really really love the 737 MAX


It’s going to be a tough choice for me. As much as I hate the 737-MAX it’s a bloody confortable aircraft to fly on, with very elegant wings and engines and a brand new cockpit. On the other hand the NEO is just an A320 with larger and more efficient engines.

Also a determining factor will be the amount and diversity of operators.


737 MAX better.


The reason I choose A320neo is because the current A320 Family is way too old so that we need an upgrade for them. The current 737 had a small physic rework in 2018 and new cockpit in 2020. I must say, I can stay with their current 737 for more years until the MAX comes, even I really love the 737


Would be neat to get the MAX8 or 9. Technically we do have the A320Neo 😏 yk Aegean livery on the A320 joking of course. But yeah I can’t wait actually lol

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It had to be done.

Battle Of The Narrowbodies

  • A320neo
  • 737 MAX
  • MD80
  • 717 (Rework)
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This is gonna be interesting.

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What we need is some scenery for Palm Springs

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I think they should add the A320neo and the B737MAX8. The planes with the most liveries


Frankly they gotta roll all the way back through and bring everything up to standards.

Y’all are speculating about commercial ac, as always 😑. What about military (C-17)?!

I also hope that weather is something they’ll working on. Flying could be a bit more challenging in regards to clouds, winds, and so on.


for “big” things, I guess in order:

  1. add 737max or A320neo
  2. rework 787 or 767
  3. weather/reflective lighting/ (and other benefits that comes with project “metal”)
  4. add 777-9 or 747 rework

and in the middle of all this lots of new 3d airports and liveries

after that not so sure, but I hope this is the basic roadmap of the next ~4 years or so


I personally think the devs should focus on adding more realism features to Infinite Flight, as we already have a very wide selection of planes. At this point, pretty much every major plane (with the exception of stuff like the A330-200, the 747 and the A380) has a good model in game with a ton of liveries.

Sure, it would be nice to see a reworked 767 or a refresh to the A320 family that includes the neos; but personally I would much more appreciate features that make the sim more realistic such as programmable FMCs, manual IRS aligning, night lighting for cities, logo lights, taxi and takeoff lights, interactive cockpits, etc


I think after the A380 they will make either a 767 or a 747 or a 737 MAX. I would also like to implement weather and 3D clouds. the ability to add liveries by players also sounds great


if they’re going to make the A320NEO, what they need to do is make it faster, just make bigger engines and liveries