Future of IF

Does anyone know if in the future if infinite flight will update scenery? The scenery is not that great and would be way better if sometime in the future they updated it at major landmarks and near big airports, I wouldn’t expect it over the whole earth because that could be a lot but if it was within 5 nm of major airports (like LAX, JFK, DEN, WSSS and more) it would be awesome

The future of IF is in good hands thanks to the most hardworking developers EVER😌🙌🏼

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They are definitely great and hardworking developers!

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“Not that great” needs to be more specific. I’d say IF scenery is superb in some respects (high terrain in particular, but also some ground textures… Take a flight between Innsbruck and Lugano and check it out with high quality settings).

It gets more of a compromise near the ground… I think the priority is to keep motion smooth.

What price would we pay for higher resolution at low altitudes and 3d objects?

The ground textures are really low resolution and blurry. I would be fine paying a bit extra for a better game experience because the main reason I like flying is seeing all the cool scenery around the world

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