Future of IF

So what is in the future for IF. I haven’t been as dedicated on this form in the last 5 months. I for the first time don’t know what’s in the works.

Check out this development timeline of all the strides they are making: https://infiniteflight.com/timeline

They post information for future updates here and on their socials which can be found on the home screen of your app


Infinite Flight is currently working on reworking the rest of the Boeing 777 family for update 20.2. They are also working on development of the cirrus clouds, adjusting the current SID/STARs systems, fixing a few bugs and researching new graphics using Project Metal.

Be sure to take a look into the Development Timeline as linked above, and the Update 20.2 Development thread for further information!


when will this update be released?

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We don’t know.

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We don’t know IF developers don’t set release dates

Currently the new features coming to a Infinite Flight are in the next update. 77W work 77F rework minor modification on the 320 engines Getting rid of display name.

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