Future Ideas for After Global

So I was thinking what if Infinite Flight had ATC options for Radar Contact, and Transitions and Departure Codes, ATIS Frequencies, and Airway grids. These could be great features for the feature.

Vote on which one you think is best.

  • Radar Contact Points
  • Transitions, Departures, and Airways Grids
  • ATIS Frequencies
  • Put these in After Global.

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Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…


Let’s discuss this after global has been released.


Well global will take 2-3 months at least and after that we have md11 and dc10 …


Okay Ill make the topic again after. @Aviation_Lover


Wrong Aviationluver ;)


Since global is coming and all the other cool bonuses such as fuel, windmilling and engine on/off in my opinion all I need for this sim to be complete (not really complete but generally I would be very satisfied :P) isflight services - I.e fuel trucks, stairs, baggage carts ,catering trucks and maybe a gate bridge/tunnel.

Airport/terminal buildings

Everything could be non-collidable just like planes currently are :) I know this is Infinite Flight not P3D or Xplane 11 or something but even if u could opt to turn them off when there not actually for ur plane on lower graphic settings but I think it would be so cool on global cruising in towards the airport, landing then taxiing to my gate and seeing other planes with their trucks all hooked up to them. It would add to the experience imo and then you bring the gate over to you with some simple on screen controls or something.p

Thanks for reading, Reuben ;)

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I recommend you to take his username no ?

Can’t vote. Moreover this poll is too early :)


All I would like is to turn the plane on and off, and taxi lights for night flying.


That’s kinda confirmed

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