Future Frontier trip: PBI or LAX? Poll

To those who were on the forums you saw my KORD and KDEN spotting photos as I went on a trip just for the fun of it. Well I’m doing it again. I have two airports on the complete opposite of the United States that have the cheapest fares I’m looking for (I could go again to O’Hare for $35.80 roundtrip but I was just there). So vote on the polls below which one you’d like me to check out. If you don’t care that’s fine as well ;)

  • PBI for daaaays. Those beaches though…
  • LAX for the wiiiiin. Over the mountains flying…

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Here is the fare for LAX

Here is the fare for PBI

Come to the warm sunny beaches of SFL. Screw the cold weather.

LAX is probably warm too lol. And they have beaches

I thought both LAX and PBI would be warm destinations…

@SkyHighGuys I’d say PBI. I was there last June.

Very good. How was it? What airlines did you see?

Also I will be losing the poll by 2100Z

Well, I worded my reply incorrectly. I didn’t actually fly into or visit the airport. Stopped by while driving up north from FLL. I saw the PBI airport while in the air though, but obviously couldn’t see what planes were on the ground there.

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LAX will have much better planes, and it’s cheaper. Go there:)

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I’m looking at that strongly. Only issue is the flying is less. I do love me a long 4.5 hour flight lol. But that would be the only negative.

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You guys have to keep in mind the humidity over in SoCal(drier climate) is lower then over here in SFL(tropical). The other thing is that most of these high pressures(cold fronts) are coming from the Pacific ocean and are in direct path of the Cali, Portland and Washington and by the time these fronts make it cross country, the front is usually weak and you end up with 70, 80 degree weather.



PBI had warmer weather…interesting

If you come out to socal, I live out here so maybe we could meet up, and do some spotting together :)

Yeah it’s been raining for a while now.

I don’t leave the airport when I visit. Sorry, so unless you’re flying out somewhere at the same time in the same terminal as I would be in, it couldn’t work :/

Darn that sucks, well if u are ever out here, ide love to meet up with u ;)

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But I do have to say, you’ll be able to get more content if you go to LAX compared to PBI which is quite boring.

If you aren’t leaving the airport just go to LAX then. You’ll probably see a lot more planes and maybe even a celebrity!

So here’s the prod and cons I’ve been told:

DEN-LAX: Pros --> Mountain flying, bigger airport, better AP, nice weather, cheaper tickets
DEN-LAX: Cons --> Less flight time

DEN-PBI: Pros --> longer flight time, nice weather
DEN-PBI: Cons --> less AP, less exciting, smaller airport

lol I highly doubt I’ll see a celebrity but one can hope