Future free regions

So I just had this idea, what if Solo-mode would allow you to choose your departure airport and then the center airspaces you want to fly through for that flight (with like a max of 3 or 4), optionally, you could also set a limit on the distance you can fly like, only within a 1000KM radius from your departure airport?? This would make the non-pro version more versatile but also keep it limited for non-pro players. I personally think lots of people (especially new players) want to fly out of their home airport I think this will probably flop but I just thought I would put it out there cause then IF does stand out quite a lot from other free/non subscription sims. Just tell me what you guys think.

Kind regards, Serein

Hey, looks like a cool idea. Maybe put it under the #features category tho ;)


Here is something similar!

Not on the trust level for that yet :( so if anybody else wants to put it in there that would be amazing!

it is kinda similar but isn’t this a bit outdated and a different idea? Since this person is talking about buying global flying…

Is there somebody who could post this in #features for me??

Ill do it.

Thank you!

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Youre welcome.

We have the trust level progression system for a reason :)