Future for Atlanta: what should be next for KATL?

KATL to me is a very old airport and needs to be renovated a lot. i have a bunch of Ideas but what do you think?

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I was going to change just now but then you did

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Decommissioning and deconstruction seems fitting.


Where would they build a new airport for Atlanta?

Closest open space is in Alabama. 😅


Nobody in Atlanta is gonna drive that far

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I think they should deconstruct it and rebuild and make it way better

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In the same area

People in Alabama drive to Atlanta airport

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They have a Wikipedia article on this, and other proposed airports around the world. Also, Atlanta has PDK, even though it’s rarely used.

They just went through a major renovation on most of their terminals 3 years ago.

Also, personally, I think the airport is okay. I was just there in October, and there were no real problems that stood out to me.

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I was recently at ATL this past summer and the experience there was definitely better than JFK can be at times. I don’t think ATL needs to be renovated that much, maybe some small things could change but not many things overall need to be changed.

What should be next for ATL? I’ll say a massive capital injection, then we’ll talk.

Good money after bad.

The concourses are very small in terms of how wide it is compared to KDEN. I think if it would be nice to expand them. The drop off/ pick up area is a mess and I think that they should have to different levels to accompany each one.

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