Future A330-200 livery - Vietnam Airlines

Hey everyone! I have a simple feature request. Id like for the Vietnam Airlines A330 livery to be added :) I think the Vietnam Airlines livery is absolutely beautiful, and I think with the newly created, Vietnam Airlines Virtual, we should have this livery on the A330! Enjoy this eye candy! And if you cant vote, please at least tell me you support it down below!


Seems like a fun livery, out of votes but when the A330 is reworked hope this comes! Want to fly around the region more to so this a good idea!

I think you should change the title to Vietnam Airlines livery - Airbus A330-300 ;)

For sure! Thanks for your support! If your looking to fly around the Vietnam area, consider joining VAV! 🙂

Keep in mind there’s a limit of one photo per request, and you must give credit the owner or source.

Sorry ill remove one

also be sure to vote for your own request

Done :) (10 characters)

My bad :) So this will be a request for the “future” A330-200 than, which shouldnt be hard to add since we have the A330-200F

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There’s a current request (link: Vietnam Airlines Airbus A330-200), but it’s quite old and doesn’t have any votes. I’d suggest flagging that one for closure.

Okie dokie no problem

Really beautiful colour. But first thy have to add A330-200 :)