Furyan Air - Pilot Recruitment Now Open

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Furyan Air is currently seeking active, experienced pilots to join our team.
As a Furyan Air pilot you will have access to 12 different aircraft, over 300 (and growing) flights, all with their own flight numbers, departure & arrival times and days of service. As well as aerodrome charts, gift cards for higher pilot promotions and flight escorts courtesy of our IFES partnership.
So if you fit the requirements below, head to the registry page via the link above and we will get back to you ASAP.

Instant Approval Requirements:

  1. 17+ years of age
  2. Grade 4+
  3. Live+ Subscription

Minimum Requirements for Application

  1. 16+ years of age
  2. Grade 3+

Thank you for your time.


Best of luck from British Airways Virtual ! :)


Thanks mate. We have been up and running since October now. Our initial pilot base has flown enough now to sort out the kinks and bumps, so we’re ready for more to join :)


Seems professional and very fancy. I like that your requirements only let certain people with experience join, I really like that in a VA

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Good luck Jordy! :

Good Luck from ANA Virtual!

Frontier VAadds to the other VAs here in wishing you best of luck.

I wish you luck and hope you come out as a succeful VA

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