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need help Atc give me a penalty it asks me to turn i turn it again asking me to turn from another direction I run at a penalty shot how I can protest I’m very very furious thanks to the ATC admin for reviewing the decision that was made to my meeting, it’s been years that I’m in this game there I’m very very furious !!!

Hey there @Akin2733 !

Please go into your logbook and can you provide the ATC controller at the time.

Also, What airport were you at?

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Were you ghosted/reported?

There isn’t a need to continue a discussion with a topic for becoming ATC. The link to join is already in there. Also first of all, calm down, you are clearly in a ‘furious’ state, but once you’ve calmed down try re-stating what your trying to make a point about.

Were you on an approach frequency? The controller was most likely vectoring you in alongside the other few hundred that do this daily. None of us get priority :).

Are you… trying to become IFATC and got rejected? ATC denying a request? Getting ghosted for not following instructions? This really isn’t clear.

If you got rejected by IFATC it means you’ve failed the test 3 times in a row, and can re-apply 6 months later.

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What does this mean?

I think he means ‘please follow instructions or you will be ghosted’

Let’s wait for the OP to reply before continuing this discussion, let’s not spam him with pre-arranged sentences.


MaxSez: @Akin2733… Another in the “Pilot Error” series. Look inward first then check the Tutorials before you jot Pilot. The procedure for resolution is clearly stated. “Contact The Controller” with ATC gripes, we heard it all before.


Listen to EVERYTHING IFATC say, They say it for a reason and they know what they are doing.

I can not quiet make out what has happened, regarding this topic, but Im gonna assume u got ghosted. If u do disagree with the „penalty“ as u call it, make sure to go into the logbook, check out the ghosting information, contact the controller on IFC and showcase him ur point of view.

(Sidenote: being furios at the controller dosent quiet higher chances, also let him some time and respect his decision)

Can we Please wait for the OP to reply so we can get a definite answer. This isn’t a guessing game.


Well said :D

[as I was told by Akin he has recived the final answer on this topic (to contact the controller) multiple times, no new theories or comments around that needed. This topic can be closed now]

Start the afternoon on Amsterdam

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Where’s my mistake?

Amsterdam EHAM

@TaI is the one to contact!

Please PM him about your issue. No need to post here anymore ;)

Please contact the controller in a Private Message. Most things can be resolved via a mono e mono civil discussion. Thanks, Levet