Funny, yet weird glitch

So, I was at KAGS. I was in my 737 with Bulba in his mustache 757. Then, I look at @InfiniteFlightPlays (yes, it was your plane), and boom! Look!


Is this a know bug?
Can this be fixed?

iPhone 6S
Latest IOS Update
Latest IF Update

(The funny part, is that you see a plane taxiing with no gear! On its engines!)


I believe it’s a known bug…

Tends to happen a lot. Usually what I do is turn live count to low and wait like 2 minutes so all the aircraft unload and then turn it back up to what I had it before

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Yes, but every other aircraft was fine …

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Exactly, that can happen :-)

Somebody is keen for the 777 update! 😏


I don’t need the gear :D

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I wish that happened to me to show I don’t need any gear. That bug is known already.

This is a very weird bug… I saw it at least 5 times (people having this bug)

That’s the solution! 😅😅

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