Funny United Airlines Commercial (Fake)


This comes after a FUNNY incident that happened yesterday😑


The incident was not funny. It was wrong


I’m not sure if you realized, but this was obviously not made by United…


This commercial was made by Jimmy Kimmel.

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Isn’t a time to be sarcastic,

also should work on it.

I’m not buying a ticket with United anytime soon. I’d say that incident basically violates the 3rd amendment. It says that a soldier cannot forcibly stay in your home; you must give your consent. The airline forced the passenger off the flight; they didn’t give him consent. Whether the guy’s story was true or not, he didn’t want to give up his seat, and the 3rd amendment protects that right to refuse. Thus, United Airlines (at least in my eyes) technically broke a federal law.


Is this to help people forget about the incident?

They did not break any laws just treated there passenger horribly. Airlines have the power too kick you off a flight.

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The video got taken down by United (presumably) :P
I watched the video earlier and knew that United wasn’t happy about this video.


They could have gotten another flight for their staff. So unprecedented and poor for United.

Yes, but when you purchase a seat, that seat is reserved for you and it should stay that way, unless you agree to give your seat to someone else. If you dissagree to do so, then the airline can find another willing passenger and move on.

@Collin_Mihalovich I’ll PM you my bank details for that $100 you owe me (and everyone else). I’ll take it in US$ thanks.


That isn’t your money and it is called a JOKE

My comment was also a JOKE (that obviously went straight over your head!)

I can’t stop laughing in last few second part
Anyway, I feel annoyed how united airline staff force to get out a passenger

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