Funny transavia arrival

Hey guys!
Yesterday we flown with AFKLM members to discover the Tunisian city of Oujda, from Lyon (LFLL) and what? Stupidly we didn’t spawn to verify anything, Oujda being a famous Transavia France destination… Here it is, instead of 2 runways and a parking, one runway.
Here’s how to park with that!
Hope you enjoyed haha.


Lol. “Exit runway when able, traffic on final”. Please expedite.


@Ecoops123 edit this lol

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LOL! 😂 That is funny!

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Seems legit…

Looks like an airport needs editing… 👀

What’s the ICAO? I may look into it. This isn’t a definite confirmation at all.

GMFO, thanks a lot if you take a look at that :)

exactly lmao

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Looks like grounded aircraft!

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I’m a nice guy, so I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

It looks pretty quick and simple (except the low quality imagery of the ground markings), I should be able to claim it later today/tomorrow.

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Really amazing guy, thanks a lot!