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So I Saw Both Flights want to took off (Together) From Taxiing until Took Off From the Runway. It’s weird since Both Flights didn’t ask for clearance and They were Entering the Runway without asking for Cleareance and then The Atc Controller was like 😂😂. I Never see this thingy before, The Only Thing That I Saw is a Plane Took Off without asking. (This Topic is Nosense tbh)

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If only they knew the rules from Taxi to Takeoff/Landing

You need a title ((:


They Would Get Violations on Advanced (Probably) 😂

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I Have No Idea 😂😂

btw if you’re using emojis they don’t show up anymore

No they’d get instant 60 minute ghosting.

I never been Ghosted by ATC Before. Since I Never Play Advanced before cause Sometimes I Violated some Rules (Especially Speed Warning below 10.000 feet). Could You Explain me What Does Ghosting mean?

I Don’t know Emojis on here. The only thing that i know is :)

Ghosting is where you can still play on the server, but you can’t talk to the ATC, other aircraft can’t see you and also you lose your XP and Flight Time the minute you get Ghosted. So really… It’s all in the name.

He’s using the apple keyboardemojis.

I still see thrm

I don’t know how you do then

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Okay well I forgot you can’t see them on a computer so I was confused hahahah. My bad

If you have a mac computer with the “Messages” app, you can type the emoji there and copy-paste it here.

Huge hassle but possible

It’s better to come up with some kind of title (a descriptive title if possible). Titles like the ones above do not describe the topic well and honestly look like spam from the homepage.

Such people should be restricted from flying in the infinite live.they mostly cause accidents and confusions to the atc and also other planes.