Funny Rookie Pilot Stories on Infinite Flight.

Well, we’ve all started at sometime making noob mistakes as a rookie pilot in IF. Share some hilarious stories about your time as a new pilot in IF, and if you can include pics that would be awesome!

Remember trying to nail smooth landings…or the anxiety of following ATC commands and trying your best not to be ghosted!

I think we can all relate at some point of the many frustrations as a rookie in IF. Most of us can look back and have a good laugh at some of the crazy moments experienced, that at the time were not so funny. 😆

Not a rookie story, but I once accidentally disabled my speed and lost a bunch of speed and ended up crashing on the runway during a busy point of FNF.

I think several threads already exist about this.

I couldn’t find anymore, but I think this topic could go into this one.

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