Funny or Not: Ground Worker Trapped in Cargo Hold

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He could have died, it’s not really funny.


I don’t see why this could be considered funny.


Idk why there’s a “both” option.

Anyway, it’s pretty stupid how something like this could happen. Shame those places have such poor accountability for their workers.


I read somewhere that a ground worker was crushed by a wheel of a plane in South America.

I’m just doing it to see what people think about other peoples live …and it probualy sevres him right as the ground worker wasn’t meant to handle the animals

Give us a link

South America, Iberia, depending on where you are, there are very poor work unions and there is no reform being done to fix any of this unethical nonsense. I mean, look at the condition Brazil was in during the Olympics.

The nature of this post is a bit ridiculous.