Funny math related aviation question

(I’m not sure if this should be in general, or RWA so please change it if it is wrong. Thank you.)
I thought I might share this question with everyone here, as they will understand my frustration within the question.

What runways? 😂😂👀😒


I only see one runway from the looks of it, wonder how they got 2. Answer would be corresponding by the way.


Yes, that’s what u was thinking? Like who didn’t see the NON EXISTENT markings on the other “runway”. And yes, that’s the same answer I got. Thanks!

Hahaha I’m doing angles in school right now too lol!

I believe this belongs here:

There looks to be rubber marks on the Diagonal runway

I’m laughing at this 😂😂😂. You should say that there’s only 1 runway not 2 or 3 😂😂.

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No, this sort of topic doesn’t have a category, nor is it a funny story of a non avgeek

If I wanted help I would’ve asked my study group. You also realize that every one learned these things in elementary school right? It’s nothing new. Your comment was rather unneeded.

They are corresponding angles ;)

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They must have gotten the definition of “runway” from Air Canada 759 or Harrison Ford.


😂. Seriously?

I wish these questions were in my GCSE.


What is funny is this is the same unit I just finished up in geometry 😂

Why doesn’t anyone get my jokes…Anywhoo, I will flag my comment!

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I usually add an emoji to my post, to give an expression to how I react. 🤔 I am quite positively sarcastic sometimes, so it’s difficult to either take it as an insult, or a complimentary joke without an emoji 😉.


Thanks for the tips! 😁

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There you go! 😅

Let’s not carry this on before it goes off topic. 😫


I once saw an F-16 on a worksheet, and the instructions said it was an F-18.


@snoman I think we discovered that 19 posts ago😂


For your answer, be the aviation geek that we all know you are and explain why that picture is wrong, but also answer it how you usually would 😜

This is so you get the full credit (hopefully) while proving to your teacher that the creator of that math problem does not know what they are talking about 😂