Funny looking airport

Two things
1.dosent the airport look funny😂
2.does anybody know this airport in real life?
I was making my circle around KRSW airport.


I dont know the airport, but it does look vety funny.

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It looks liike this in real lifeimage


The number of the airport is FL59 look it up.(not being rude)

LOL :) haha that’s more funny…is like a semi-hexagonal runway, where is that by the way?

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that’s not KRSW airport though…? well not according the air charts!

@Luigi I cant make out the airport designator in your screenshot, is it KRSW or a different one shown in the picture?

ITS code is FL59.

ah yes that will explain the difference in the plans…


Ah yes that’s Buckingham Field Airport. Strangely it looks that way on Google maps also.

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How is funny it just a airplane facility not like a circus center

Knrs also has hugely wide runways for how short they are.

You might want to post in support. It seems like this airport could be made more realistic if @kilt_mchaggis or one of the airport designers wanted to fix it up a bit.

Sonme airports are just like that.

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