Funny Live Stories

Ok, to set the scene, I was flying a Horizon Airlines Dash 8 Q400 from KPSP to KLAX - jus for fun. It’s night, so It’s slightly harder to navigate. I’ve just put in my heading for KLAX when a large aircraft pops up on radar, flying a heading seemingly to KONT, coming in fast. Not too major. Then, it turns, and the plane turns red on radar. Darn, he’s getting close, I thought. So, I get out of cockpit view to get a good look at this guy. It’s an Air New Zealand 777-300, and seriously one or two of my plane’s length away, coming in like a bullet. I pull up, roll the Dash inverted, and come out again ok. Seriously, 2 seconds later, the same guy is back at it, on my tail, closing fast. This time I pull up, barely miss a collision, without going inverted. I decide to divert to KONT, on a very rapid decent from around 17-18000 ft. Then guess what happens next? Yup, the same guy, on final, at KONT. Desperate to get on the ground, I call in-bound. When I landed, a Grade 1 must’ve been cleared for takeoff because he was lining up. At the worst time possible, my plane lises control on the ground and spins. The A321 that was taking off narrowly avoided me. I taxi, watching the first plane attack people. The ATC went crazy, so I tried to contact him after quickly going to ATC, and he never replied. The craziest thing about it all is that he was a Grade 3.

EDIT: Yeah, he’s a little hard to see in that pic, so I’ll upload some more.


Here’s mine:

I spawned at KLAX PG.


I’ll continue that @dush19, I was once ATC there.

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