Funny crashes

I crashed the other day weirdly. It was so funny . I was flying from YPAD-YSSY when i clicked the autopilot off by accerdent. But i corrected it. so I went downstairs and then when I came back up my plane it was plummeting towards the ground and doing circles and spinning like a crazy. So i was thinking what is your funiest crash

For me it’s wtf!! moment, never been funny. But I find it funny when other ppl crash ;)


Disengaged AP while on final. I calibrated before disengaging, but my plane still went straight down.

Mind I tell you, this was a 10 hour flight. I was very “happy” (:


yer thats what it was like for me

rip. done thats one before.

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For me, it’s when i crashed at 39,000 Ft. I’m cruising from SFO to LHR, and 8 minutes into flight, I hit an invisible wall, making me crash. It was funny though, since the engine modules fell out, and the nose looked like it had a cut


ok never come across that one before

It’s you?!?93db9e60fef7212e9fc0121213c69583


hehehe your the first person to spot me


Oh no that is awful that happened to me couple of times.


First long haul. I was hyped all of that school week until I’m smart enough to use IF on my phone and it disconnects Help fast

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It happens to me. You have to turn it off with your device at the angle the nose is pointing. (So if the nose is up curve your device if you where taking off.

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Were you on Global or solo with certain areas of flying?

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Global Server.

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Ive crashed a lot lately, most because i fell asleep during approach (sorry to whoever was atc at Barcelona yesterday), also landing without fest is common for me, done that at least 3 times this week…

Is this real? Where do I find a story to this?

Bit old news, it happened In manila.

The link dont work

Most links are out dated. Type “Saudi overshoot runway” on google

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SR22. Land. Skrrt. skRRT. SKRRT. BOOM!