Funny Aviation Stories

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Just today, we were going through TSA at PHX.
We have a lot of stuff, because we were away for a whole month, my brother has type 1 diabetes, and I was at camp for 2 weeks. And since it was my birthday over the trip, I had gotten 2 model aircraft (a GJ1400 Delta B739 and Virgin Atlantic A346). When we went through TSA, they pulled my bag with the models and all my headphones and what not. I got to see how exactly that looked on the monitors (which I thought was prettycool.) 2 minutes later, my other bag was pulled for inspection, and while they put my models back under the X-ray, they went through my other bag. Then the THIRD bag, (my brother’s insulin kit) was pulled, and they went through that, too, despite our explanation. So, in the end, we basically had to re-pack 3/4 carry on’s on the way to the gate.

The plane I’ll be flying on:

Southwest 1327


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Now that we’re actually at the gate, I keep thinking someone is playing IF because, unlike X plane, the engine sounds are so realistic!


I’m not sure I understand this.


Sorry i mean I keep thinking

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Lol even tho every single jet engine sounds exactly the same


One of my friends flight was delayed because the cargo door fell off…


One of the real ones sounds exactly like in IF

What old one I may ask?

I was on a plane heading back to Australia from Dubai on Emirates, when a man aged around 40 decided it was ok to go and smoke in one of the plane toilets. As he did so, everyone was asleep and only a few people where awake including myself.
The alarms in the plane began to sound over the entire aircraft. The loud, deafening ‘Beep, Beep, Beep’ screamed through the cabin.
The flight attendants got to the toilet door, and unlocked it from the outside and barged in, yelling at the man to put it out. Luckily there is still ash trays in the bathrooms.
About 10 minutes later a flight attendant with another more senior flight attendant came up to him and said ‘Next time that could have very serious consequences’ and that was it.


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Well this isn’t funny but rather serious. Why would he choose to do that? He knew that the no smoking sign was on.

Yes, it turned out the guy spoke little English because or none at all, as we also saw him at the Customs and I think he filled in the card wrong as well. But even so is it hard to be able to understand what a sign with a cigarette on it and a red cross over it means?
I was terrified because I knew that 3 chimes meant an emergency, and when the alarm went off it beeped about 5 or 6 times.He probably didn’t understand the seriousness of what he done.


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