Funny Aviation Memes

It’s okay! We all make mistakes! :P

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I was lazy to search the same meme, there are many in this thread😂

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And you know this how?

I know this how? Hahahaha I’m laughing right now… 😂

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Do you see me laughing?

I can’t see… 😂

There’s always got to be a smart Alec

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Huh? Smart Alec? Bruh you forgot where I come from?

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And you forgot I’m a sarcastic person 😃🗿

Lol that gave me a jumpscare

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Easy there, I don’t think anyone can forget about you…

I may just be the second NickChan (but not due to flying upside down) 😂

Anyways you should fly with @Thomas_Thuta and see him be the second NickChan :P


Speaking of Nick Chan, he’s still up to his old way on the Discord chat

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Still flying upside down? Oh and his DP is golden 😏


Na. Arguing stupid things

Interesting! Tell me more in the Close Friends PM? :D

I don’t understand the airline rivalry meme. How is it funny?

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The font looks the same on both plane’s tail wings.

No No No, that’s not why. Look what the airlines are named. Slut and Virgin