Funny Aviation Memes



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Haha yeah that video is hilarious.


I wish the BAe 146 was in there


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The amount of times this meme has been posted is more funny than the meme itself. And when posting try and put all the photos into one post


Well the 747-8i cruise speed is faster than the A380’s so it wouldn’t catch up.


That was not even a 747-8 in the picture.


I know, but it’s the only comparable 747 to the A380. The 747-400 used to be the fastest subsonic commercial jetliner, but the A380 replaced it until the 747-8 came.


I was driving on the access road besides Dublin’s runway but then…


I’m also the only aviation geek in my school as far as I know. And that is in a school with over 3000 students. Anyways, no one in my school knows even 10% of what I know about aviation. :-P


This is mine:


Could someone please inform me why everyone makes fun of RyanAir landing hard and so on?


Because pilots don’t care about their landings, it’s fun.


Because of this:

Yes, that IS real! Simply it’s because they land very very very hard!


How is the 747 called a “him” when it’s called “Queen” of the skies…


Ever flown with them?


It’s the trend here.