Funny airport

Please tell me a funny airport. ex (mountain airports, airports with sandy runways, airports with interesting approaches, etc.) I’m tired of ordinary airports 😂

(i use translation)



Even though the topic below is closed, I recommend taking a read through it as there are a bunch of unique airports mentioned in the topic and you can bring this over to Infinite Flight and try the approaches/departures for yourself:

Hope you have fun exploring these new airports. Take care!


Yesss!! Thank you so much🤩

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No worries at all! Fingers crossed you find some airports of your liking there!

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VILH (Leh)


You want a funny airport? Look no further than EGLL on Casual Server.


I feel nauseous

Have you tried Lukla or Paro (both are also available as 3D airports in IF, and I also emphasize the importance of using Flightradar24 to find realistic aircraft types flying into those airports, as they are almost impossible to approach otherwise)? Those are mountainous airports and also have very difficult approaches if you execute them according to the official aeronautical aerodrome charts published by the respective airspace agency

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KBBG! The airport it self is really nice. Its a one runway and one aircraft airport operation. Once you leave the area its starts to go down hill from there. (branson)

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NZQN is simple but weird


Yes, I have been. it sure is fun there.
Thank you!

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Thank you!I’ll try!

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Thank you so much!


FXME should be fun :)

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Ok so this for a scenery glitch. I’ll bet ull have fun… Start with spawning at lukla in solo mode on runway 24 in f22… Click on short final and set the weight to max. The plane will slowly go down through the mountains. WARNING - this may take many tries and some times might go to space.

I’ll try it😂

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Thank you!

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Thanks for your thread!: it inspired me to also discover some very interesting new airports. I’ll offer the following link: Weird Airports - World’s Strangest and Wonderful Airports ( from which I found:

EGPR, apparently unique in the world for the only airport with scheduled flights using a tidal beach for runway, in Scotland

Also new (for me) I really liked:

high altitude strip at edge of a cliff in southern Africa, and:

very high altitude and extremely rugged mountains, 3D in the far north of India, and:

hilly airport in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, and:

in @Declan 's link,
LPMA from @JulianB
spectacular island off the coast of Africa

I’m still looking through some of the rest.

I’ll also offer an old favorite of mine (landed there as a student pilot)
in Sedona Arizona, like landing on a desert Mesa aircraft carrier, with red rock country all around.

Oh, I just found VOAT on such a narrow strip of island that water is right off both sides of the runway, with nice water colours, off southern India.

UT90, south of KSLC. I highly doubt anything larger than the XCub can be flown in or out of this tiny airstrip.