Funny Airport Names

I was going to post these at the waypoint thread, but wasn’t sure if the OP would appreciate that, so here it is.

Funny airport names. Here are the two I flew over.

Okay Bro!


Now post some of yours :)


Thank you for your post today! Those ICAO codes are quite funny, but there is already a topic for that.

It can be found here: Weirdest Airport Codes (Part 2)

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!


LOL-Derby Field.

That’s a decent one lol, know a few waypoints, but probably a bit too inappropriate for the IFC lmao

I’ll let you find it, this is probably the least inappropriate XD. Heard some weird things lol (click for full photo)

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We have a number of these already you can add to, no need for new ones.