Funniest/weirdest callsigns you've encountered in Live (Pre-20.2)

Fly with that callsign in Japan.

Just do it.

My callsign is Bigfish heavy


boobies heavy was the funniest callsign in the history of infinite flight

initially many people said it was not inappropriate and it was not banned but me and many other people used it online and spread it to many people who saw that callsign and found it funny and they also then used it and spread it around, eventually it was so common that it was banned

cause initially some people said its not inappropriate it depends on your interpretation but by the end when everyone was using it it was very obvious we all knew how funny it was and the hidden meaning it was so funny hahaha i still laugh every time i think of it


Hey, I would like to brandish one of my IFATC callsigns:

If you have a dirty mind, please don’t even think of reading it

There’s one IFATC who goes by the callsign F-OOOO, I wonder who they are :P

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You should have done CHICKEN NUGGETS

UR-MOM Heavy


Yea Lasvegas

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