Funniest/weirdest callsigns you've encountered in Live (Pre-20.2)

The 20.2 update is fast approaching, and just like you who may be reading this, I’ve witnessed a lot of weird/funny callsigns in Live, most of them on the Training Server. However, some even make their way into Expert! In the new update, however, gone are the days where most of us would be able to plug in callsigns/display names of our choice, without following realistic formats.

This topic is not limited to just funny callsigns, but also out-of-place callsigns like a Cessna 172 bearing a SUPER identifier at the end, or otherwise, a lone Airbus A320 sporting a ‘Flight of (#)’ on its callsign!

Got any? Drop your findings below! :>

Here’s mine: I can’t fly (a user occassionally seen flying on Expert bears that callsign)

EDIT: IF 2.0 has already been published as of today, 26.10.2020, so comment down below what you’ve found funny in the past updates, speaking of callsigns! ;)


You always love to see the classic ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXX’. I will miss those days. 😂


Someone with “Peanut Butter Jelly” as their callsign 😂

(It was grandfathered)


Why only pre-20.1? You can get into an Air force 1 with a callsign “Brickyard 1” even in 20.2

fly the boat

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I’ll make a separate thread for those kinds of callsigns in 20.2, I guess

ALT-F4 @nativetoalaska ;)


200NASAT ;) @AviatorNikola @AviatorAlex @anon24319801


I can’t fly, by @emil 😍


I miss that callsign so much. 20.2 made it sound like “India Can’t fly” So it didn’t work.


Hahaha one time my callsign was also CRNOGORA


I once flew with the callsign “EGGPLANT”.

For me it was the seriously annoying callsign of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and for the funniest one it has to be someone with the callsign BBBBBBRRRRRRRTTTT. I have seen them twice. Both were on TS.

Ginormous Plane.

Was it an A-10 by any chance? 😂

Yeah it was. Why do you ask?

The Homeless Dorito

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Heavy Balls

Always chuckled at @ToasterStroodie BABYBUS, and now his OMG-HAI! Where do you get these callsign ideas from Toaster 😂✌️

BABYBUS was a classic back when I used the A318 exclusively for tracking thread attendance (replaced by the Citation X now). OMG-HAI is officially gone to make room for others, but OMG-YAY is here to stay.

As to how I got the ideas, I’ve just put it down to boredom and me racking my brain trying to find something slightly amusing, albeit rather silly.