Funniest thing you've done or said on a plane

My first flight was when I was 3. I was flying a Cathay Pacific 747-400 from YVR to HKG. As we were taxiing out, I was sitting in my seat, flapping my arms and saying “look mummy, I’m flying I’m flying I’m flying!” over and over again. When we pulled onto runway 08L at YVR, and that 747 increased to TOGA, I slammed back in my seat, started to cry, and yelled out “I wanna go home” as loud as I could


Isit just me, or half of these stories sound very unbelievable, and don’t even get me started on how they remember such detail at such an age…


When I was 6, I asked my dad during pushback if we were going forwards or backwards…


Yeah!! Sadly so, I was very, very young!!!


Once I was on a Delta flight and I had the “Boeing 737 GPWS and TCAS” video on my iPad. I forgot I had it open and the volume was at full…


I was on a Qeshm Air BAe 146 Tehran to Shiraz. I just took out my iPad to play Infinite Flight. Then I hadn’t opened the app and the seatbelt sign came on and the announcement to turn off our mobile phones was made. I was so angry cause I was planning for a long flight in Solo and I was waiting for a chance to do it for days… I was so angry that I jumped on my seat and nearly broke it…


I once dabbed in every country I flew over on my way from LHR-SIN, I know it’s very sad lol 😂


When my family was boarding our plane at Munich to return to Boston, there was an Etihad A330 parked next to ours. My dad thought that it said “Jihad airlines”, and we were like, “that’s not a good name for an airline!” Then my sister asked what a jihad was, so my dad started explaining it to my sister, and I was like, “dad! Don’t talk about that on a plane!”


True story and happened 3 weeks ago. So flying Emirates back 777-200lr (DXB-FLL) and I get row 7A and my sister took my window seat so I make a big deal out of it and the flight attendant says “fight, fight, fight” and my sister just gives up mostly because I acted like a little kid (i love window seats and this window was right in front of the left engine, also 3 am). Then the flight attendant asks if we are related and I said yes and she said: “ah I could tell.”


Last April when I was on a Southwest flight from Phoenix to St. Louis, me and brother colored eyes and a mouth on the barf bag. Mid flight we stuck the barf bag through the seats and said “Hello I’m Barfey the barf bag, how you doing?”. The guy in front said good. When he realized that he was talking to barf bag he was pretty embarrassed.


Those are a lot of dabs m8


I don’t have have any on a plane but at JFK my suitcase kept flipping on its side and I just dragged it most the way down the jetway until my mom stopped me, I know it’s not funny but it’s something


This wasn’t me but last year, I was flying a Southwest 737 from Milwaukee to Denver and there were two kids behind me. (Maybe 4 years old) And when we were approaching into Denver, both declared they needed to go to the bathroom. It was fine until it was obvious that if this 737 wasn’t on the ground in 5 minutes, they were going to pee all over my seat! They started to scream and cry while the mom and the flight attendant tried to figure out what to do. It soon got to be that they were going to pee right then and there. Once the plane landed, they were allowed to go in the laboratory. It backed up incoming traffic for 15 minutes. I was so relieved that it ended there.


Oh look there is a KLM 7237😂


I was 9 and when my Southwest flight was pushing back from the gate we had the person walking along the person guiding the pushback driver as well. I thought he was someone we had left behind in the terminal I told my dad to tell the pilots to stop the plane and let him on.


I would have fighted for a window seat i give My sister every thing i can that she want to get the window seat


I was flying from Chicago to Dallas and I was flying IF. There was a kid next to me who asked what I was doing and I said “I’m flying the plane” I felt a turn and turned IF and said “See, I made the plane turn”.

The kid turns around to his parents behind us and said “He is flying the plane”.


Talking to a fellow passenger about guns while waiting for takeoff out of SJC.

Obviously checking out the flight attendants.

Saying something you shouldn’t say on a plane.


I complained about how the TSA wants me to take of my shoes, and I said something like i wouldn’t have a bomb in my shoes or something, I got some weird looks. First time traveling in the US without PreCheck so i was a first timer.


Me: When I was 2 I went on a flight with my parents. When I was that age I pointed with my middle finger and couldn’t pronounce my s’s. So I turned around and looked at the people behind us. I pointed at he sky with my middle finger and said “Die! Die!” But I was also flipping the people off behind me and telling them to die.

Some stories from my Dad: My dad is a frequent flyer for work so he has some funny stories.

Story 1: After a turbulent flight and a sloppy landing in Orlando, my Dad said the the pilot “Thank you, that flight was more fun than any of the Disney rides I’m gonna go on this trip!” In all truthfulness, he was connecting;)

Story 2: My dad boarded a plane at KLGA and ended up sitting next to a college girl that decided to brag about everything she had done on the trip. After the plane took off it made two quite sudden and violent turns. The girl turns to my dad and says “What was that?!” My dad looks at her “Oh, we’re just dodging middles, it happens sometimes in New York”. And puts his headphones on. That shut her up!