Funniest thing you've done or said on a plane

I’m sure many of you would have said or done a ridiculous thing especially when you were a kid, so let’s talk about them!

My funniest thing was: Once I was in an Air India B747-400 and we were flying over the Atlantic Ocean. My mom was explaining about how smoke comes from the engines, and that’s when I said, “Is the smoke the blue thing down there?” (Also, I didn’t use proper grammar and pronunciation) and pointed at the ocean. I was 6 years old back then. I remember this just because my mom took a video.

Another one: That same year, on the same trip in the USA, we were landing at Orlando, and that was the first time I had ever seen the spoilers coming up. I thought the plane would BREAK!!! And I cried like anything.


I was in Emirates A330 last year and I slept through the whole flight before realizing my favorite food was in the flight


On my way to the Gold Coast jetstar a321 about 5 weeks ago I fell asleep and kept banging my head on the flight assistancess button and they nearly fined me for it ahaha


Probably didn’t want to leave the airplane, but we had to, then I didn’t want to leave the airport (photography reasons) so, Yeah not ridiculous but I had to end up getting off the plane.


Recently a friend of mine flew from Cyprus to Lebanon in a small aircraft. It was part of his training, and he forgot to take his passport. He talked to the atc enroute and they laughed and told him to come back. It was a very hilarious moment😂😂🤣


For the funniest thing I have said in aircraft, I remembered when I was 8, I took a AirAsia flight to Singapore. It was my very first experience to overseas. I still remember when my plane landed at Changi, I shouted “Welcome to Changi!, Ladies and Gentlemen! Enjoy your holiday!” (Replacing the purser Announcement ahahahahah) and everyone was looking at me and my mom and my auntie was like… It was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my whole life 😂😂

For the funniest thing I have ever done, I remembered last week when I took the A350 Flight, I was really excited with the new PTV (especially the console). I did curious about one button (Marked as a Person). Because I was curious, I touched that button. Not long after a FA came to me after she noticed the call. Then I just realize that the Button’s function is for calling FAs. During mid flight, I accidentally touched the button and the same FA came to me again 😂😂😂. I had to say Sorry for this incident. Some people around me was also looking on me… Glad that she didn’t mad on me and forced me to leave the aircraft 😂😂


When i was 5 told every one in the plane (people around us) when we landed to shut there windows and I remember this Indian woman looking at me like i was mentally unstable
I’m not trying to affend anyone


Same here man


When I was 5, onboard a Monarch A321 I shouted to my Father “Dad, the plane isn’t moving, were gonna die” Because mid flight the plane doesn’t feel like it is moving. I remember everyone around us were laughing and my Father went red. So embarrassing…


I don’t remember anything I’ve stupidly said on a plane. I have very bad memory.


Bulba! Omg it’s been such a long time!


This isn’t really about me, but when I was on a delta connection flight from Tampa to Raleigh a teenager about 14-17 years old decides he should rest his foot on my armrest as he takes a nap😂.


When I was 4-5 years old, I shouted to the PTU onboard an A320. I thought the PTU was really a dog. 😂😂
I remember shouting something like this:
“Dog be quiet already! The flight attendants will kick you out if you are not quiet!” 😂😂


Not very embarrassing or funny, but when I was like… idk… really small, I thought that the seats of planes were facing backwards, because I noticed that when we pushbacked, we went in reverse 😂.
I know I was really stupid.


I was 8 my first time on a plane in 2014 ord to HNL ua219 and I kept hitting the assistance button 1st I said . Can I turn off the cold air? Then I did it again and asked do you have pop on the plane which means soda in Chicago then after that I said can I turn on The hot air
But in the end she was very nice so she made my first Flight and vacation awesome and that’s why I will always love united airlines


When I was younger, we flew into the Middle East (Dubai) I was young and didn’t really understand all about terrorism and the conflicts in the Middle East.

I was sat on the aircraft, brainwashed by the news that every plane was going to be hijacked and blown up…The purser gave the command to ‘arm doors’…I had a panic attack thinking the cabin crew were going to get guns and ARM! The door, I passed out and was taken off the plane by ambulance crews…we missed our flight 😂


My mum is very bad at identifying planes even tho I tell her all the time which is what. We were on the airport bus to our remote stand at Gatwick and she said “Ooh, look at that South African A380!” (it was Emirates) and my dad and I just started going mental like wtf are you high and all the people on the bus were giving us funny looks!


It was on a flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul. I accidentely put all the salt on my omelet and also stole the salt from my mother and pit it also on my omelet. It was very disgusting.


That has to be the funniest one I have seen till now


Is this even legit?