Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


I watched this video before. It’s really misleading and it’s mostly Photoshop


Casually talking to a Friend:

He is interested in planes, but doesn’t know any.

ME: Did you know the A380 is the biggest passenger plane in the world.

Friend: Cool! I want to see it someday.


C208 flies over us…

Friend: Look an A380!

ME: No, that’s a Cessna 208…

B737 flies over after a few minutes…

Friend: Dude, An A380!!!

ME: Ugh, no, that’s a 737…


A380 on final and flies over us…

ME: Hey, look a…

Friend: Cessna 237…



I only liked because I saw Lazerbeam. Lol


When I showed a picture that I took of an A380 to my friend, then he said “That looks nothing like an airbus!” And I’m like “Then show me an airbus!”

You know where this is going:

(Also @ItsBlitz, I’m friends with LazerBeam’s cousin)


Really? Oh shoot!


Yeah, at first I didn’t believe my friend, but then he showed me a selfy, and his for its friends list.
I bowed down to him for a week.


Airbus has got some competition…


Yes it’s all click bait I hate it they need to get facts right


I didn’t think that would go literal. Even the news stations don’t do that. 💀
On the other hand, at least he could tell air and bus from airbus. 👍


Friend asked “Is there only one ATC for the whole world?”
Even my non-avgeek friends were like “NO!”




no :D

jk :D


No it’s a Airbus made by Boeing 😂😂


At least PUBG has a real airplane. A C-17 If I’m not mistaken! PUBG for life! Fortnite is Overrated 😂


NZ Herald back at it again…
This article’s about a 787


Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to ensure you get full safety on this flight, please chip in a couple of dollars as we cannot afford to fix our airplanes. XD


So I was watching this TV show called “Mysteries of the World”,and they did this part where they look at satellite photos and look for weird stuff. They found this circlish thing,and though it was a crashed UFO! But you know what it actually is? It was a VOR 😂


What’s a VOR again? Still learning aviation.


Nice United Airlines 777. Wait, wasn’t this article about MH370?


Wait that’s a 747 cockpit wtf people need to get it right