Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks





My friend sent me this screenshot with a message attached that said ‘i thought you said the airbus 747 was a cool plane’

I proceeded to turn off my iPad and sigh.


Yeah, they mistook it for a different wreck.


Here is another aviation vs media video(not mine).
Not sure if this fits in this topic, but c’mon…its the media… its all funny non avgeek stories.


So this just happened:

Driving past the airport
Mum: “Look, Thomas! There’s an Airbus A350! It has the points on the wings and stuff!”
Me: “That would be a Qantas Boeing 737-800. Qantas don’t have A350s, nor do any A350s fly to Canberra.”
Mum: “But it has the things on the wings? Doesn’t the A350 have that?”
Me: “Yes the A350 has winglets, but the 737 and many other planes have them too.”
Mum: “So I’ve been calling that the A350 all along? Crap…”


By that logic I can now say the 747 is the fastest commercial aircraft. It may be the fastest in use but it isn’t the fastest ever. The Tu-144 is the fastest ever built, just like with rockets, you don’t go around saying the Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket ever, as the Space Shuttle is the most powerful rocket that flew.


Yes, if the 747 has the fastest cruising speed of any actively used commercial aircraft, it is currently the fastest by my logic.


google’s search algorithm works using keywords, so splitting airbus and 777 will bring up searches of either airbus, or a 777. Alternatively, a page might be called airbus a380, or an article, but the article has an image of a B744 e.g. when they’re discussing replacement of B744 with A380, and as a result, bc google uses the article name I believe as the term that is searched, when you search “airbus a380,” you get the article name which it thinks is the image title, but shows an image from the article. However sometimes it is poor titling but I digress.

So I got really excited once and people were wondering why I was so excited. The reason? We were flying airberlin to TXL. Sorry guys, I don’t eat chocolate so I never got one, plus I wouldn’t have thought that a year after they would’ve collapsed.


OH NO! I WONDER WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THAT LANDING GEAR And no, I don’t play Fortnite, I just watch the videos sometimes. 😂




So at school we were in chemistry and we spotted a transporter (looked like a C17 but I couldn’t tell from that distance) plane carrying troops to RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) a few miles away! And you’ll never guess what one of my classmates said:



I was so tempted to chuck him out the window (which was open) :)


I search up Embraer.

This was the reason I don’t use wikiHow much anymore.


The other day, in music class, we were seeing a video clip and a we can clearly see a Hawker Siddeley Trident on the back, and I said Tom friend and he told me: “it is a bubble gum” (because at least on Spain there is a gum brand called Trident), I just ignored that…


Cool keep it up


Atleast the version is right.


Read the caption. It says “Boeing to Strike Embraer Deal”

Google uses keywords


I swear it has no cockpit window


glare from the sun is reflecting off it, making it hard to see.


Click bait

I mean look at the stall on this the plane would either way 😂😂😂


It’s already been posted by me, but it’s stil really annoying how these channels do this.