Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


No, it didn’t mean it like that. It meant that is the heaviest aircraft ever pulled, not the “heaviest aircraft” as in model-wise, ever pulled


Until the Strato Launch came alond :P


What can I say?




I don’t think you guys know how Google’s search algorithm works


The heck autocorrect? 🤔


Singapore Airlimes



How on earth did google think aeromexico was drumsticks.



Ok so who wants to hear a Mr Science teacher story? Hope you said yes.

Ok so we did this thing in our class where we Skyped a scientist, it was actually pretty cool, and we were asking questions about Flutter, because that’s what he studied

We were asking aircraft question and he said that Fighterjets Use their FLAPS mid flight, going Mach 2, at 50,000 feet. I wanted to scream my head off. But I didn’t. I didn’t even chime in, it’s hard not to.


Don’t care if you get a detention. Chime in for the sake of avgeeks everywhere! But maybe don’t ‘chime’ in, just raise your hand.


The title 😂


Yeah I saw one of these about a pan am DC-(6 or 7) and it told some story which was fake.


The sad part is looking at the like-to-dislike ratio… 🤦‍♂️


Read the disclaimer at bottom


Did you mean?


I love google

This text will be blurred


Yeah, but it should be a bit too obvious that it wasn’t real.


Please, end me.

Also don’t mind my search bar, oof.


Second to the bottom left…


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