Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Yeah, just read the top bit with the so called A380!? 🤔 😂🤣😄😃 Just showing my sister the difference between some aircraft and this comes up.


Wow…just wow!


Delta has some A321s that are quite colorful…

Come on Google!




That’s the joke, this website doesn’t know the difference between a 787 and A380 cockpit


Today my friend and I had an argument on how many AN225s were in service.


Image from google, I think it fits 😂


Today I bought a copy of the Guinness world record 2019 HOWEVER, theres an issue I took a picture…

Please give your opinion for such a massive mistake.


Oh no!!!

That is an A380! Not a 747! What a big mistake!


What I wonder is if it is the books mistake, or the pullers mistake that the book picked up on.


This is my physics and chemistry digital book…



Second fastest. It was beaten by the TU-144, it is a common misconception that Concorde is fastest, and I recently had an argument about that.


I know… the worst thing is they this is what I “learn”

Helpfully we don’t study that part…


Well, nobody really knows about the TU-144 unless you are a hard and devoted avgeek.


True… all my classmates think the Concorde is the fastest airplane… Of the world!


Yes, that was the exact topic of that recent argument. The fastest was the X-15.


Come on!! 🤣

Is this a joke?

The fastest is the x-15!


No, it’s not. The SR-71 is the fastest conventional aircraft. The X-15 was launched from a B-51


Yes but it is an airplane! Conventional or not.


Actually, the Concorde was the world’s fastest commercial aircraft for a bit. The TU-144 was retired from commercial service in 1978. The Concorde was therefore the fastest commercial aircraft in use until 2003, when it was retired.