Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Wellof course that would happen it’s Therichest.


Yeah lol, still sad to see fake facts spread form major channels like them.


I love how they say the landing lights are “iFaReD lAzEr TeChNoLogy”


That cracks me up lol


Look how the title says “Trump’s Airline”. I’m laughing so hard right now.


Ok another story.

Today in one of my science electives we were talking about flutter, and their was a clip of a C172 Horizontals stablizer experiencing flutter, and the teacher was trying to explain it and this one girl chirps in “(my name) loves planes, he can explain this”

I was flattered lol, it took all my effort not to chirp in

I explained it and also said why it’s a bad thing, and then told everyone how to stop it by slowing your speed

Then the teacher proceeds to call the Horizontal Stablizer a “fin”

I wanted to sigh so badly 😂


So this one friend of mine i think never really experienced “turbulence”. So when he flew with Air Canada Rouge he was like “i have noticed that air canada pilots fly the plane more bumpier then other airline pilots” i try to explain to him its not how they “drive” the plane but its turbulence, i also sent him a video regarding it.


After my friend’s flight, he asked me “why there are some things raised up and down when the plane was in the middle of descent?” I said those are spoilers. And he asked, “are those for cooling the engines down?”


When I was young. I would mistake the spoilers as flaps because of my mother, because she called them that


@LegendaryRoro88 I feel like that could be legitimate question for someone who isn’t familiar with airplanes. I mean, still a stupid question if you know how an airplane works, but I feel like that could be a legit question.


when i am barbecuing with my friends in a country park and i opened flightradar24 to see what plane is on top of us, i told them it’s a cathay a359 to bangkok.
my friends: oh my god how you know?
me be like: 😏
and the whole night i am looking at flightradar and telling my friends what’s the plane and pretend to be a pro


Okay, who wants another brother story??

I’m currently in Atlanta right now, visiting with an uncle of mine. Me and my family got in yesterday. We were in a Delta Boeing 737. About mid-way through the flight, my brother starts to get hungry. He calls a flight attendant, and when she comes over, starts giving her his order like she is the waitress at a restaurant.

She tries to be nice about it, but my idiot brother kept insisting that he be brought a “medium-rare steak with A-1 steak sauce”. She starts to get frustrated, but then the captain requests everyone take their seats because of some turbulence. The rest of the flight, my brother is asking “so, when is my steak going to come?”


and once my family was on an b747 and when the plane lands my dad said, oh it feel so smooth to land in an a380!


okay, now that is funny


That’s a 787 cockpit
Airbus doesn’t use yokes


I feel bad for that flight attendant.


And feel bad for me. Because he kept asking ME “so when is my steak going to come?”


It must have felt like an eternity for you. How long was the turbulence?


The turbulence started about 2 hours into the flight and went from then till landing.


Wow that’s pretty long.