Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


That is quite funny! I totally agree with you!


Oh god tgat is hilarious but still…Spirit F22…😂😂


I was just listening to the radio in my room and I tuned into this story about a person who had got delayed from coming home by 3 days because of storms. The funny thing was that she was looking forward to ‘flying on the A350-900 Dreamliner’ 😂😂😂

I just wanted to jump out my window when I heard that


Here’s another one:

Back in September when school started again after the summer! Me, a few of my avgeeky friends and some avgeeky sixth formers saw that there was a new activity option labelled simply ‘Study of Aviation’. We all signed up, of course.

Come the first session, we all sat down waiting to be taught something cool.

Teacher comes in and sets stuff up for the session

Teacher: Now, who can tell me what the MTOW of the Boeing A320MAX is?

Me and the rest of the class: get up and walks out the classroom.

We went to the headmaster and got that teacher (who was just a visitor to the school to teach that activity) fired. We now have a new teacher who is much better at teaching aviation!


That is hilarious


I would like to have that type of classes…


honestly, me too


So I was answering questions from Instagram last night and one of the questions was what my fetish was. I obviously said airplanes and my friend DMed me and asked why.

Friend: Why do you have a fetish for airplanes?

Me: Just look at them, they are so beautiful! Especially the B737! Her nose is just so cute, her wings, are so pretty, her engines are majestic, etc

Friend: Don’t all airplanes have only 1 engine?

Me: *facepalms

Me: No, only some have one engine.

Friend: No, I’m pretty sure all airplanes have only 1 engine. I saw one once and it only had one engine.

Me: No, not all airplanes have 1 engine, some have as many as 4.

Friend: Either you are spreading fake information or the manufacturers are out of their mines

Me: *facepalm


My friend thinks we’re already taking off whenever the engines start up or when the aircraft taxis a bit faster!


Don’t you think that that’s a bit extreme?


Some people…


Hi, a little following up of my post #1878 I had to explain what the mysterious noise was… The APU. After you are interrogated by your own friend all about aviation I suggested for him to either:

  1. Take a break
  2. Google the answer
    BTW you would have a better chance of a vampire eating garlic bread than him grasping aviation. I suppose I’ll keep at it hopefully with a result. He does seem quite into aircraft .:P


I was talking to my non-avgeek friend in school about LaGuardia Airport. Here is the conversation:

Me: What do you think of KLGA? (Expecting a proper answer)

Friend: I think it’s a pretty good airport.

Me: Facepalms🤦‍♀️ are you serious?

Friend: the only reason why it’s good is because of Delta



The “KLGA Stories” thread is at the bottom of the page


I remember once saying ‘maybe Malaysian airlines flight 360 did a 360 and crashed.’ I don’t even have to tell you how bad That is.


I mean, Quora is for learning…


It’s not a mainstream news outlet, so that’s good I guess. I’ve seen some crazy aviation stuff there lol


I can’t even anymore, I’m done with youtube

Probably not I love good aviation youtubers!


hehe nice joke


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