Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


There are no words to express my rage.


Ok now Google has taken it too far…


When I try to tellmy brother about nailing a landing in IF na d he says "SHut up. Nobody cares"every time


so annoying


I mean how can someone get this wrong
They had one job and screwed up facepalmes


What’s wrong with it or am I just being blind!


It says captain wingman and they could have made it more realistic by just saying captain


Yesterday I was coming back from Iceland I went with my friend so… I was explaining about strobe lights on Airbus and Boeing. It went something like this…

Me: (To my friend) Did you know that the strobe lights on Airbus flash twice and on Boeing they flash once?
Friend: Really? how are you so observant? Do you like planes or something?
Me: Facepalm
Me: I know I am observant in fact while you were buying a drink at the shop I went for a free eye test and I have 20/20 vision no wonder I was observant…

This conversation got stupider by the minute as he has no idea about what 20/20 is nor, he knows anything about aircraft. I had a urge to call 112 for an ambulance :P however that is another story


My friend loves telling me that he loves the “beluga Airbus” and that it is the biggest plane in the world. 😔


Mom: I saw a plane while I was driving back home after dropping you off at school!

Me: Could you identify the aircraft?

Mom: I think it was a seven seven seven.
Dad: No, seven seventy seven!
Me: runs away


“What’s the difference between a 747 and A380?”


I was with my friends one day, a couple of weeks I was due to fly to Orlando, and I asked them where you find the engines of a Boeing 787-9. I got two replies, 1) The ONE engine is at the front of the plane, below the cockpit. Me: face palm. 2) It is obviously at the back of the plane, not on the tail, just at the back. Me: dies insdie.

When I bust out and said, “They are the wings” (I had to say the big, round things you may see out of the window, the simplest way of saying it). They denied it and disagreed with me.

We ended in a massive debate, 3 against 1 (the one being me), so I ended up getting them to call someone to prove my point and they did, they said, “Of course the engines are on the wings, what are you talking about.”

My friends then said, “That’s one person, ask more people when we see them”, so I did and they all confirmed that I was right. I had never seen anyone saltier then them, I died laughing.

There is my story!


My mom, on one of the last Delta 747 flights, 2017
“Why did you buy tickets to this flight? It’s so uncomfortable!”
“Because it is a 747!!! That matters!!!”
“Whatever, next time don’t fly the 474. I heard Aircoach or something came up with the 787, and it is way better. It’s got a bigger cabin and everything.”


Really cnn? they’re talking about the A220 btw


not sure if this fits, but when i dont want people to talk to me but they want to hold a conversation i lace it with aviation jargon and speak avgeek until they leave


you forgot to scroll down when they also called it a 717 MAX

EDIT: nevermind got confused with this article


I was dragged to a showing of nativity the musical by my parents and as they take off from Liverpool airport to Los Angeles it goes into the intermission where I hear the following

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board. Today we will be cruising at 70,000 feet. Flight time should be around 15 minutes.”

I curled up into a ball


What were you flying in? A Spirit F-22 with a capacity of 563 Pax?


It was actually a Ryanair 747. They brought out a plushie of it


They probably think that planes work like the battle bus in Fortnite.