Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Hi, personally I think that an A320 has the same possibility of crashing than a 737 or any other aircraft


Another conversation…
In video editing class
Me: Plays plane sound effect
Friend: Is that from a Boeing 77?
Me: No, A Boeing 77 is not a plane.
Friend: Cool where does it fly?
Me: Sighs in disbelief


Look at FC Barcelona 777 Turkish Airways Plane on Internet

Friend: Does that plane carry the FC Barcelona Team

Me: Sometimes, But it carries regular passengers to.

Friend: So It’s there Private Plane



Eh, not really. Mostly depends on where you search. The top results are 85-95% accurate.


Today in chemistry class, I was talking to a girl not my crush XD and she thought that gate agents and flight attendants are the same thing! XD


Didn’t think so many people would like this 😂


This had me dead LOL 😂

You should have been specific and use avgeek terms. They usually don’t ask much after that. (From personal experience)


I was considering this, but… I was also afraid that they might try to put me in a mental hospital if I started blurting out seemingly random numbers lol


Thats the part where they don’t ask any more questions 😂😂😂


I was talking to my friend in health class about British Airways Flight 5390, and he thought a Flight attendant was sucked out along with the pilot! XD!


Be sure to show him this :-P


Today at the Airport…

Me, my two cousins, and a friend were just looking outside the terminal window, with a perfect view of one of the gates.

ME: I was staring in awe of an American Airlines 737 MAX.

Girl Cousin: That plane is so big!

After that, A British Airways 777-200ER exited the runway in front of us.

ME: Compared to that aircraft (referring to the 777) its not that big. That plane (737 MAX) only looks big because it’s closer to us.

Girl Cousin: No that plane (737 MAX) is bigger, this one (777) is just longer.

That moment when your brain hurts too much to argue so you just tell her that she’s right. 😔

The sad part is that I have to say this plane and that plane because if I go full avgeek, I was in for a dead conversation.


What airport was this? sorry just curious XD


1310-n13-Terminal Can’t they see the engine position when purchasing it for a mall?


A 737 with winglet and737 classic engines? What?


exactly, I mean, seriously, why. Go full modern style, or go old style, not both.


Actually winglets can be applied on a 737-200 Classic.


Alright, who’s ready for another funny brother story?

This morning, we were flying into Portland, not unusual. As I have said, make multiple trips there because of family.

Either way, on final approach, the pilot had to make a steep port-side turn. Tilted the aircraft a little. My idiot brother goes “Gah! Are we going to fall out of our seats?!”

I just look at him and in my head I’m thinking “how are we even related???”


When my friend can’t tell the diferrence between a airbus 330 and a boeing 777.


Terminal 21, Bangkok.