Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Uhh… the Concorde crash was in Paris, not Chicago. From what i remember it was a piece of metal that fell off a plane that took off prior to the com Concorde.

Edit: found this

Five minutes before the Concorde departed, a Continental Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10 took off from the same runway for Newark Liberty International Airport and lost a titanium alloy strip that was part of the engine cowl, identified as a wear strip about 435 millimetres (17.1 in) long, 29 to 34 millimetres (1.1 to 1.3 in) wide, and 1.4 millimetres (0.055 in) thick.



Okay… let’s not turn this into a fact war instead of funny stories :)


My friend mason thinks a Boeing 747 is a 737.


No, I mean the dc-10 was in Paris, the Chicago one was other crash, a compleately different one!


Okay… sorry


Ah ok, thanks for clarifying :)


They can’t be serious.




Google I am ashamed of you…I thought you were the best search engine ever…im gonna switch to Bing :)


Good choice


The reason that the insults are a problem is that you choose to let them affect you. When soueone says “ hey you like planes 😏” just say “thanks”


That’ll be quite the comfy ride…if you can even make it out of Asia 🤦


Lol that would be interesting!


So I was talking to my friend at school tm and this happened:

Me- Do you know what the Concorde was?
Friend- That was a type of car or boat or something right?
Me- Walks out of school


I just found this on a calendar that I picked up from The Airplane Shop earlier this month:

Please make it stop 😐😐


This, now this is just sad.


That plane doesn’t even have “Air India” transliterated into Hindi, and Air India has only Airbuses and Boeings. Wonder why they used photoshop and not an actual picture.


Air India has Turbo props as well.


Meanwhile a Flybe Q400 is going past on approach

Friend: Hey look at that jet up there…


It’s says something like “Ethais Air”…like wut.

And yea like @Goran12 said, they’ve got some ATRs


Not really as much of a story as it is a picture, but I got this new book, and on the cover, there is some weird Delta A380 with GEs that is without a second floor.