Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


My sophomore history teacher. I always believed he thought I was weird until we bumped into each other on the ramp of a local private airport by my house I go to plane spot.


Because I don’t do work I’m continusly on the IFC and many times my one annoying ass friend has always shouted "Stop looking at plane Word that I can’t use on the IFC

I gully slapped him today and told him to stop playing Fortnite.


Absolutely tragic, I remember when US Air flight 1549, the DC-10 landed on the Hudson because it lost its cargo door


yees!!! Well done!


I’m not sure whether this is an actual response or just a very funny joke, lol


In my class I am the only AvGeek so some people look me like saying WOOOOOOOW. And in my drawings the look like… erm… 😵.


I have a friend that likes to me to tell he about planes, but just that.


Is true, @Altaria55 and also a engine fell in take off, and it killed the Concorde 😭


My cousin the other day told me that delta was switching to only 787s…

He likes planes but he’s not an avgeek…


Huh? The Concorde crash was caused by a twisted piece of metal on the runway… not from an engine falling off…

How does an engine falling off of a DC-10 any way? (Which I’m doubting ever happened, because I can’t find any news stories or FAA reports about that)


Lol. He’s making a joke. I think



But even as a joke, it doesn’t make sense…


There was American Airlines flight 191.


The worse non-terrorist aviation incident in American history mind you 👀


Well, when talking about that specific terrosrist incident, people normally consider the plane fatalities over ground.


My local farmer friends make fun of me like that, which smh (shank in my head) is pretty annoyin heh … But I lovin it


I think I didn’t tell it good:

The piece on the runway was from a DC-10, and in other year an engine fell from a DC-10!

Here a documentary of the falling engine:


I am in Newark airport right now, and when I landed here I saw the Singapore A350 resting before it goes back to SIN, so I want to see it.
The “friendly United agents” yell at me because I want to go to the next concourse over to look at the A350.
I try to get past the guards at the transfer shuttle enterance, but when they ask why I want to go over to the other concourse I say “I want to go look at a plane.”
They say “There is a plane over in that window”
The struggle is real here folks


That’s pirated. But the tv show Mayday did it.


I know… is just an example