Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


What about the a220 (or bombardier whatever you like to call it but It can be called either)


Trump did have a 727 that was pretty luxurious. Maybe it’s just not updated.


Anyway here is another story


ME: I was at the chalkboard and I drew a completely accurate United Continental Tail.

Girl walks by and observes it. She knows nothing about planes except that they fly

ME: Rate this drawing on a scale of 1-10. (It was a solid 100)

Girl: Hmmm, a 7



At school I see a plane fly over and my friend starts yelling it’s a cessna.

Also I drew a 727 on the white board and someone said is that a 777.


Haha Very funny! I feel you


oh god this is so embarrassing

Me: using school iPad to look at 747 Photos during Bio Chem
Teacher: what are you doing on that iPad
Me: oh umm looking at 747 pics
Teacher: stop looking at Plane Photos my name
Class: laughs at me
Me internally: cries.


It’s only embarrassing if you make it embarrising. I don’t think it’s that bad to be honest. Take ownership of liking planes. 😜


It embarrassed me lol, probably because in that class, everyone makes fun of my AvGeekness and all of my AvGeek freinds are in different classes 😂


Also a problem for me : the only time that me and
my avgeek friends meet are in geography and the teacher isn’t very fond of us as we have corrected him on many occasions. Also, to my annoyance he always tells us to be quiet :-/


At least you’ve got some!


I don’t have any. It’s really sad


You got me ;) and the entire IFC, that’s like 60,000 people!


I do the same thing during class sometimes lol you are not alone 😂


My non avgeek friends think the IF In memes is pronounced if. You mean Infinite Flight?


Mom: CRJ-900 is absolutely huge!


Another funny brother story I have. So, me, my brother, and my parents fly to Portland alot because we have grandparents who live there. Another occasion where we were on final approach to Portland international, it was raining, and we got a lightning strike. There was a big boom from the thunder, and a bit of a flash. My brother screams “ARE WE DEAD?!?!” (he doesn’t understand how lightning works along with how commercial jets are grounded against that sort of thing)


@Riley_Grim RIP your leg but why did you punch your leg


In school one of my friend said that “do you want to be a captain of a big airplane for example a320”


i didn’t punch it hard


Well… my sister’s art teacher was wondering why I enjoyed looking at planes. I told him it was my favorite hobby. Introduced him to the term plane spotting. So he asked if it was an actual hobby. I told him it is an actual hobby and loads of people enjoy it. I even told him about the app I use to spot planes and… lets just say I think I may have either turned him into a plane spotter or he thinks I am forever weird. I definitely love plane spotting though :)