Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


So, I was entertaining myself with Siri, and found a pretty dumb conspiracy theory (can be uprooted by a simple piece of logic) (this was about MH 17 which was a plane, so…)

If MH 17 is actually MH 370, shouldn’t there be 298 people missing? Come on, how does one orchestrate two major plane crashes and whatever will accompany it?

And last Friday I was drawing an airport at school (free time) and a couple of classmates couldn’t even tell what it was. It is half-done as of now, so…

I am making a poll to see if they are incapable of recognising an airport or if my drawing is bad.

  • Yep, that’s an airport. Anyone who has seen one on Google Maps should know what it is.
  • Umm, I know that this is an airport, but I doubt that a non avgeek would know it
  • What is this? It doesn’t look anything like an airport!

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Good drawing, it DOES look like an airport, but maybe the runway is too small? Compared to the taxiway.


School Indoor Recess Today

I ask my friend “what does aviation mean”, to see if he knew anything. He just said “Flying”. Partially correct, but there is so much more than that.

I then asked him if he knew the largest commercial aircraft. He thought I meant an airline. FACEPALM. I told him Airbus A380, and he had no idea what that was.

So yeah, that’s pretty much the entire story.


Ultimate Facepalm

So, I tell my little sister quite a bit about aviation, so she has some knowledge of it. She just shared with me quite the silly story.

Sister: Do you know what an Airbus is?
Sister’s Friend:
Yes, it’s a bus in Fortnite that drops you to the map at the beginning of a match!

Are You Serious Dude!


Explaining Stalls

Some of my high school friends noticed a plane about to land at LGA and told me to look at it. It was a UAL Boeing 737-900. They then proceed to ask me about how I manage to fly a plane I told them about IF.
Friend 1: So you pull that thing back rig-
Me: The yoke
Friend 2: And what happens if you yank it too far.
Me: Oh, well the pl-
Friend 1: holds up pen and begins to rotate it upside down This!
Me: Looks out the 6th floor window in dismay


In my hometown many people used to think Airbus is a name for small aircrafts And beoing for large ones .


One colleague believed that air pressure in the cabin made the plane fly…


No offense but how’d he get that idea?



Great diagram, but Why hasn’t this plane stalled???


God knows… but she thought it worked like a balloon, to make the plane lighter. I explained her car would fly as well if true.


the first time my little brother flew, we had a bit of a rough landing since it was raining in Portland. “Gah! Did the plane break?!”. I kid you not, direct quote right out if my little brother’s mouth.

edit: it was even funnier because we were in a small E190, which made the landing seem rougher than what it really was.


We were driving on I-25, past the USAFA. There was a plane doing patterns (I couldn’t tell what plane because I was too busy checking the community…) and my mom goes, “Whoa, that plane came in just like this!” shows a diagonal approach, following a basic glideslope Keep in mind she’s showing this as if her hand were the plane. Then I go, “That’s okay…” Then she said, “It didn’t come in like this.” shows her hand as the plane again, at a completely flat approach Me : 🤦🏻‍♂️


My mom after every flight:
“dId YoU cRaSh?”
Me: 🤦‍♂️


Lol. I saw that question and almost put my face through the desk.


I have a friend who anytime I say something even remotely related to aviation he says “Lufthansa Airbus 778”. He also once yelled out loud on a plane “The engine is on fire!” so I slapped him.

Another story, I had a math test yesterday and my teacher put a question something along the lines of “A airplane is taking off at 7 , 0 0 0 feet per minute. How long will it take to reach 31,000 feet?” and my answer was “It will never reach FL310 because it will stall out before it even gets to 7,000 feet per minute” and I got bonus points because she knew I was right.


Me- Whats a jumbojet
Friend-A DC-10
Me-As Homer Simpson said DO’H A JUMBO IS A 747
Me-FACEPALMS next question whats a trijet
Friend-A 737
Me-DO’H a trijet is a 727 DC-10 MD11


An A380 is a superjumbo, and a 777X is a mini-jumbo.


So one time i wanted to test my sisters knowledge of aviation, i ask her to name a plane and she says A116, I got so mad i punched myself on the leg


My brother asked me why the 747’s seats weren’t arranged in a 5-5 pattern to make them equal…

I sighed and chose to ignore him


Isn’t it already awkward enough when you have to go to the bathroom but you have to pass that guy that looks like he would throw you off if he could and the guy that’s taking up 1 1/2 seats and smells like Taco Bell and beer?