Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Was that from the PSAT by chance?


Yes, this was from the PSAT XD


Yah, noticed that question and laughed a little, but not too loud as I did not want my test to be canceled lol


Today some kids tried to fake being avgeeks… Jeez, Concorde isn’t the fastest plane it’s the X-15


It’s actually the SR-71 Blackbird haha.


No it’s the x-15. The blackbird was the fastest conventional airplane. x-15 was launched from a B-52. The X-15 is actually faster,


But the Concorde is the fastest commercial plane! XD


Wow your right, it’s top speed is like, 4520 MPH!!!


No the TU-144 is the fastest. It is Russian copy which flew earlier.


Ok. Last post for a few days I think.
That’s a Q300 in the photo… 😧


When someone says, “So you want to drive planes?”


😂 Hajaha! That’s quite funny. And you can’t drive a plane. 🤔


My friend says: I’ve flown in the biggest airplane of the world! The Jumbo 747! 🤯



It says: Lands at Madrid the new Airbus A320neo that Iberia has bought

The photo is of an old Iberia a320!!!

The real one:



This lady is ia trying the beat to explain what aircraft is the biggest. However, apparently most aircraft on the video below are the biggest…


The x-15 isn’t a plane, it glides like a brick with a rocket on the back. I know what you’re getting at but the fastest plane that keeps its speed and isn’t trying to go above the Karman line is the SR-71


Look, the X-15 is a plane, but not a traditional plane. The SR-71 is the fastest traditional plane.


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Those people that comment out loud when landing, “Honey, why did the engine split in half?” Me like, ok but really


Sorry, I will edit them