Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Well yea. He’s really stupid like other people or when they make that “mistake”.


If those two A380s aren’t photoshopped, then I have a million V-bucks that I can give away.


What a fail.


gOoGlE iS YoUr fRiEnD


My friend says that…
normally the las one…


I’ve gotten so many of these, I’m going to generalize.

There are so many people who think they’re “into aviation” just because they think planes are cool, and then you talk to them and they’re all like yeah I know everything and you pop the simplest question like what’s the difference between xxxx and xxxx and they give some completely ridiculous answer and then they say something like “I didn’t think you meant that into aviation.”


I was flying a 172 for a flight lesson back in the spring and i posted a video of me flying on my Instagram story. A non avgeek friend of mine asked, “Thats so cool you know how to fly helicopters!” (on my story you can clearly see the prop of the 172. I could only say thanks cuz she was a girl and i dont want to be a know it all to her. lol


shows classmates IF
Does a realistic flight from YYC-YEG
Classmate 1: is there any snow
Me: no
Classmate 2: is there any hockey arenas
Me: no, the scenery isn’t done yet
teacher: is our school in it
Me: no
All: this game is TRAAAAAASSSHHHH


let my class mate play IF on expert because he wanted ATC. He had never touched the controls before. Week long vacation to TS1


If your school is on planet earth, then it is in IF.


(i’m talking 3D building wise)


When it comes to MH370, do not listen to any news outlet


The information is correct, the graphics used are wrong.


Took a test yesterday:

Question: An Air Traffic Controller was monitoring airplane departures. He noticed that more airplanes took off from Runway M than Runway Q!!! I didn’t put the exact question cause I can’t remember it but I did remember the runways part. XD XD

It was a math question.


(This was the only place I could think if putting this)
@Swiss I never knew you sold watches! 😂

Also congrats on 100k subs!


Lol? Something is wrong with youtube…


Hey, you know what they say about Swiss watches ;)


I’ve got a recent one. Last night, I was out with my grandpa for ramen. My brother’s having his bar mitzvah, and all the family from the country is flying in to celebrate. Our cousin Steven is flying on an American 757 from New York, nothing special, pretty routine (I’m in La). My grandpa knew that the 757’s came out a while ago, so he asked how old they are. I told him between 15-35 years old, and he freaked out and started screaming to my cousin not to get on that plane since it’s too old and will fall out of the sky. 😬


Trump’s plane (a bit down the list) is a 757, not a 727!


I’m in 8th grade and everybody in my class knows I love planes and that I do long-hauls while school, so all mornings I check in my computer IFC and I keep the window open during all day and sometimes my friend spot me on IFC and say ‘oh that’s twitter but airplanes version’ hahahahaha lol