Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


Don’t worry. I would never dare mess with the Cessna gods. They are the fathers of all of our planes. (Idk if they actually are.)


This is one of the few obvious Wikipedia mistakes.


New MDHC-6 Twin otter!


By the way I fixed the mistake.


Insert Gordon Ramsay head butt meme here


Y’alls not get the joke? It’s a Gordon Ramsay reference.


Me: Look! It’s a Bombardier Q400!
Friend: what’s? bom…bar…tier?
Me: 😤
P.Sthere was supposed to be a spelling mistake


So it’s basically a normal Monday at school. We were doing soccer for PE (Physical Education) and some of the girls in my class stayed back to watch the boys play. Better yet, my school is right under the approach path for my local airport so planes would pass low on short final. So this is how it goes. By the way I play in the defender position so I must always stay alert

ME: Watches my teammates play further down the field

Hears ATR engine but doesn’t look to see aircraft

ME: Quickly looks up for a split-second just to identify it then looks back down

By the way, everyone from 7th grade up in my school knows I love planes, so I always look up no matter what

GIRLS: “Hey Khyle! You feeling good?”, one of the girls shouted, “We didn’t see you look up!”

I ran of the field and explained to them what happened, then they immediately knew I was fine. Funny thing, one of them still carried me to the nurse later that day. 😂


I laughed so hard while reading that…that is actually quite amusing



That’s really quite funny, spoiler alert, no one knows that I like aviation!


So one day I am at school and I draw a quick sketch of a Boeing 737-800.
Then somebody comes over and says,
“Nice A390!”
I say, “That isn’t an A390 it’s a-”
“Oh, I thought it was. Is it an A400?” He says.
“That isn’t an A390 or an A400. Those aircraft don’t even exist. It is a Boeing 737.” I said.
“Ooooooooooh, my first guess was a Aire… Bus? Or a Boo… ig?”
It was hilarious. A little annoying, but funny.
notice the spelling errors he made.


The a400 does exist.

Image result for a400



I find it weird how when non-plane lovers still come close to an actual plane 😂


People say in my school something like this, “you wanna drive planes?!?”.


when we were flying an allegiant airbus a320 and i asked her what plane we were flying and she guessed the a316 and I’m like THATS NOT A PLANE


At lunch at school, I tell my friends that I saw Donald Trump’s Airplane (757-200).

I asked them what kind of plane it was to see if they knew anything about it and they got the weirdest answers.
Answers like President Plane and Trump plane and random plane. Finally a girl asked if it was an Airbus and I thought “finally, someone who knows a little bit of aviation”! Then I told them it was a Boeing 757-200 and they were quite skeptical. Then one kid asked what Air Force One is and I said Boeing VC-25. He said I know more about aviation then he thought, but I know way more than Trump’s aircraft!


Someone put a picture of a 747 into photoshop, remove its wings, tailfin and landing gear. That would be US first interstate bullet train. Reducing travel time between each US state by a lot and helping people who have a fear of flying.


oh. Well I didn’t know that this existed so my friend probably didn’t either :). lol. The thing is, I didn’t know Airbus was going into military aircraft.


There was this one kid at who said:

“I’m an aviation-geek too. I like the new…well kind-of new “BoEiNg a380”.”

I was shocked like WTF. I hate it when so many people get the name wrong and the aircraft. LMAO


If he thinks it’s a Boeing A380, then he is not an av-geek at all.