Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


You people have class, because all the kids these days be like: tHAtz $0 Sl0w, bUGgATiz R BeTR!


Excuse me? You ok there, Boeing?


What @Delta_Alpha_Lima???


Oh yeah whoops lol. 🤣


Whats going on. I am very confused.


Nothing. Nothing at all.


U can say 788 (787-8) or 789 (787-9) but there is no 787-0 :D


Generally speaking, when I’m flying on my own usually something happens to the plane. The latest one was EasyJet flight. It was delayed for 30 minutes and when the pilot came out he said that they’ve requested a long delay (like a loooong one as they didn’t have a spare airbus at Gatwick) from the office but they said that we can fly. The problem was that water was leaking so we didn’t have any water on the plane stored:/

But the best story happened on 2015 on Belavia flight from EDDT to UMMS. We were already cleared for takeoff and starting our takeoff roll when they’ve aborted it as Embraer(?) for clever enough to prevent gaining speed when the door was not closed… DOOR!… So what the crew tried to do was hilarious. Pilot came out of a plane and tried to push the door from outside to help it close (???). For obvious reasons it didn’t work and we’ve spent 6 hours at the airport waiting for it to be fixed. What they did to fix it was fully shutting down the plain and turning everything back on again. No way I could understand why it took 6 hours


My thermostat is by Honeywell.


Maximum pain whoever called the 747 an “ugly double plane” should be forced to look at the plane for hours until they see the light, and then learn all about planes and be certified on a C172 and have to pay for it.


One time me and my friends (we’re all Av-geeks) had a sleepover with a few non av-geek friends. We decided to let one of them try my friends X-Plane setup (I know it’s not IF, it was on PC X-Plane mobiles graphics suck) and we put him in a Cessna 172 G1000 model and told him to takeoff. He pulled the mixture too low on his takeoff role but he tried to rotate anyway and crashed into a taxiway. Then we put him in a Colombia 400 and he crashed that into the water. Then we told him to start a C172 but he didn’t know the cockpits were interactive! I turned on the avionics and batteries for him and told him to turn the key, it took him 10 mins to find it and finally he started it. It was hilarious


Considering she’s my sister, she’d have to stare at it for a while. Pretty sure she can’t pay for flight training either


When people rant because their flight got canceled due to the terrible weather here in Toronto lol. Should be happy they are safe and realize it’s not airlines fault. Got blocked by this person(@ravan.04 on Insta) because I told him that he shouldn’t be mad. Well… non avgeeks will never really no. Sunwing lost another customer for no reason


“this plane” though. I am not surprised


This plane no other Sunwing aircraft. Just this plane with this regeateation even if it is sold to someone’s else. But he was hating on Sunwing

Why am I not surprised


This person is probably a spoiled eight year old who expects what he wants when he wants it.


Almost all the time, I’m with my friend Patrick and he knows almost nothing about aviation other than airline peanuts, and whenever I talk about aviation he says “stop” and “dude, quit being a plane nerd.” I’m just like, “Bruh, do I say stop whenever you start singing ‘Havana’ non-stop for ten minutes?” (Ques Air-Horn)


he’s 14…

thats the sad thing.


people call me airplane boy lol. its whatever now honestly.


This happened a few hours ago:

Friend: Hey Bert!

Me: Hi

Friend: What do you like?

Me: Airplanes

Friend: Bye