Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


You mean 747-8 not 747-800He has been exposed as a non-avgeek just kidding common mistake even by some avgeeks


Shhh edited no one wlll know


A couple of years I’d assume


When there’s turbulence on a flight and all my friends and family say “I wish it would stop” compared to be saying “I wish it was stronger” 😂


Uhhhhh I don’t think that’s a feeling universal to avgeeks…


In biology class we were talking about birds, then the teacher started to talk about planes, she said, and i quote “You know when planes takeoff the wings change shape, that’s so they can get more lift, and when the want to land they change so there’s less lift. Birds do the same thing.” I simply sat there and said “No!”


Well it’s partially true as flaps, slits, and spoilers all change the shape of the wing to increase or decrease lift. It’s just that instead of using these to lose lift on landing they lose speed.




Coming up: the video that you were all probably waiting for after I said I had this video recorded, my non av-geek friend attempting to be ATC Coming soon in a couple mins, so stay on this thread to see it because also something really weird happens in this video that I didn’t even see until editing, I end up pointing it out, in post recording narration so its an interesting one


here she is, some humor and some weird stuff I found in editing…


When my brother rolls his eyes every time I talk about airplanes!


Oh my god, I love these so much. I shall now continue to hang myself, over.


Cleared to do so, over under and out


You sp00ked me with the voices


XD I didn’t edit that in though thats the scary part, that voice (and I still have no idea what it was) is in the original recording :P


Yep, you’ve spooked me 👻👀


XD Currently in the process of uploading a discussion video about that, if you want to see it head on over to my YT


STATUS UPDATE:Video is now complete and is live

sorry for offtopic, this thread should get back on topic now


This is not funny or from a Non-avgeek, but i just found out that my dehumidifier is a General Eletric’s one. It made by day lol.
I thought it would be cool to share this


Me every time I see a Rolls Royce car on the roads, I just break into a massive grin.


Also Rolls Royce cars are beautiful. 😍