Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


You just made a good roast. lol


I have one from class today. My friend said his plane crashed from Canada. We looked up plane crashes from Canada but he found an a320 going from Toronto to halifax (something like that) and he said “no, it was an a312!” I literally said “that’s not a plane dum-dum”


This happened a week ago:
Im in a special class in my school (for the ones with the best grades), and this aeroespacial/aeronautical/mechanical center (CEIIA) about 400m away from the school invited us to go there to visit the facilities, to see the prototype of the car they built for the movie “Downsizing”, and to talk with their enginners.
In the middle of the tour, they showed us how they built the elevator of the new military Embraer aircraft. They asked if anyone had questions and I asked if they used the material of the a350 to build the elevator, and they seemed surprised with my question (probably they werent expecting anyone who would be an avgeek). They answered the question, and after that, i had the chance to talk, with one of the engineers, more deeply about the plane. My head teacher noticed that, and then she realized i knew a lot about planes.
In a class, someone asked a question (dunno how) about the aircraft sales market. The head teacher answered saying that Cessna was on the lead (because a friend of hers has one C152 and he says that it is a very popular plane). Then she asked to me if the answer was correct and my answer was putting my hands in the head like in the meme WTF? The whole class burst out laughing and the teacher got really ashamed.

I know its not that funny, but I thought that would be cool to share this.


Thats really funny but hurtful to the teacher.


Well, next time she shouldnt answer without being sure about the answer xD.


Well she isn’t fully wrong, the C152 is 5th most produced aircraft, and the C172 is on top. Maybe she got confused with the sales and number of aircraft.


I didnt explain myself well: They asked about the main aircraft producers in the airlines world.


Stop, just stop.


My friend didnt believe me when i said that propeller planes are still in use :D


It’s a meme, meant as a joke.


wait how does he play IF and not know either of that? don’t you have to use them in IF?

(well I never use trim in IF but yeah flaps I use all the time XD)


Just now on TV I saw the most stupidest thing ever:

It was taking place on an unrealistic Highway Airlines 747-400 (for copyright reasons of course) and all the engines overheated and flamed out and I can confirm, it’s only the engines that failed. Then the plane started dropping rapidly and I mean very rapidly. Next, all the engines came back to life suddenly and the pilot was able to pull up (such wow). And oh, by the way they nearly missed a mountain while pulling up and scraped the bottom of the aircraft. Seriously, he should’ve been able to control the aircraft in the first place. He should know to turn on (insert whatever fan thing is deployed to supply power to some instruments in the cockpit here) and the APU.


Friend: (Draws a plane)
Me: Only 1 door, a passenger airline with no emergency exits?
Friend: It doesn’t need emergency exits, it’s a safe plane.


My facepalm 🤦‍♂️ during geography class today when a classmate (cant call it a friend 😂) called a Bombardier CRJ and Airbus. Even my friend who is not an avgeek understood what was wrong!


this was originally posted on best AV memes as a follow up to a meme I posted there but it fits here too, so in all its glory I present to you my friend trying to play IF (this was editing hell for me please show it some love)

also #livingthe0sublife


He should become a pilot for Ryanair just like in the video
Comment tailor-made for @Swiss


XD he choose ryanair, cuz he woukld be able to be extremely bad yet still be realistic XD


ALSO I have a video of him attempting to be air traffic control, but IF videos are hell for me to edit so I’ll probably upload it if enough people want it.


I honestly dont get how people confuse boeing and airbus I mean Airbus literally put the letter A in front of all their planes!!! A320, A330, A340, A350, A380… Notice a pattern there, theres an A… how do people still confuse the 2?


My Parents call the a380 a double decker and the 747-400 or 747-8 a half double decker