Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


I was looking through old stuff and found a worksheet that said "It takes 3 and a half hours to fly between LA and New York. If a plane takes off at 2:00pm from LA to NY, and another takes off from NY at 4:30, going to LA, which plane will be closer to NY when they cross paths?


What’s the date on that? The 60s? xD


Now planes are a piece of flying carbon fiber or aluminum LOL


Imma just leave this here


That’s just sad. So sad…


Me: What’s your favorite aircraft?

Friend: Delta

Me: That’s the ******* airline. Which AIRCRAFT??!!??

Friend: Uhhhhh…


Yes but I asked for a supersonic aircraft.


Not even United themselves can get it right 😑


I said to my sister What plane is this (it was a A320NEO) She sais look that is a Boeing A380. lol bad sister



Where is the nose wheel?


Me overhearing one of my friends: (Don’t know the exact words, but it was something like Emirates sending a plane to Lufthansa due to safety problems, and this friend said that Lufthansa and Emirates’ owners are cousins which is why Lufthansa got the plane)

Another conversation a half a week back:
Me: Have you been on a 747?
My friend (not the same one from the previous story): What’s that?
Me: (takes a 30-second drawing I made a few days back and shows him) This is a 747 (the drawing has the upper deck and 4 engines)
My Friend: All the planes I’ve seen look like that.
Me (sad that he doesn’t even know the basics of aviation)


If they cross paths, they would be the same distance away 😂


This was in a video titled “10 things you didn’t know about Air Force One” on youtube. Never facepalmed so hard in my life


The funny thing is that he is correct. It’s indeed longer than that… Not commercial tho. Look it Up…


That is just lies…


They do ;))…


Woops! I just saw this today (since I don’t really use the forums a lot) and yes I believe one day I am going to drag her to be my First Officer with me Captain
Off topic : I play Violin (if you want seating it’s 1st violin)


So in school we were doing trigonometry and one
problem said “If a plane is flying at 100,000 feet and only has 5 miles to get to the runway, what should it’s angle of descent be?” That is about as bad as it gets.


Oh dear we have reached a new low everyone


Easy, simply do 5/18.939(tan^-1) to get an answer of 75.212 degrees nose down mother of God!