Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


So in school I have this thing called edge, a place to get extra work done or relax. I usually spend mine painting things in Adobe Photoshop, usually planes. Every time I ask anyone for feedback on what I should do with the livery/how to improve it, they always, in these exact words, say ”That’s a plane!”


Ah. That’s me in a nutshell. Eventually I got it, but only because my friend bothered me so much about it. I don’t ever actually play it unless they’re online.


When my friend said that I was flying Delta 156374264 on a Boeing 346783. SMH.(This was referring to my upcoming B6 2661 flight on an A321.)


I was on a flight a few weeks ago and there was a commuting pilot sitting next to me and my brother, my brother (who doesn’t know much about flying) asked him why he isn’t in the cockpit


Well that sucks.

The more you explain to her it’s likely that she’ll grab onto the concept of aviation.

(This is off topic, but which instrument? I haven’t seen anyone else on the forum in orchestra, and it’d be nice to chat. I’m a violin btw)


can you count the number of facepalms you experienced when she/he said that?


1 physicaly, 2438364829 in my head lol @HurricaneTracker500


Us avaiton geeks make one mistake.
Friend: oooh your wrong.
Me: uh I mean 757
Friend: your wrong I’m right
Me: you didn’t even say anything 🤦🏻‍♂️


We wrote an essay earlier today, and we had a choice on modern reform topics, so I chose the NRA gun debate, and it was an oral presentation, so when I talked about the Delta Airlines statement about the NRA, as soon as I started to say “Delta Airlines”,one kid decided to yell out “Will you stop talking about planes Avi!” (Not my real name) and proceeded to shut him up, and proceed on my presentation.


Might as well type down that essay in my English textbook that made me lose my faith in the existence of grammatically-correct-English-books, correct-according-to-AvGeeks-books and non-politically-biased-publishers (the book itself did all three out of which two were because of this essay).

I am surely lucky to narrate an experience that seemed to be our last on an Air India flight (but not the last on other airlines). It was a cloudless, sunny day. There were about 150 (either there was low demand or the 797 got released) passengers in the economy class. I was seated near the window (that’s called “I was in the window seat”! I give up, please find the errors). The sea below offered a fascinating view. Everything seemed to be normal. We were being served snacks. All of a sudden we went through a severe turbulence. The plane swooped down so quickly that we thought our end was imminent. Fortunately, the pilots were able to control the plane. There was an emergency announcement. All passengers should be ready for watery landing. I felt that my heartbeat had risen terribly high. Many women began to cry. I saw some persons prayed to God for help. I too could not help doing so. After a few minutes, which seemed to be hours, the plane steadied. The pilot announced that the danger was over. We began to discuss what could have been the reasons for such turbulence. One of the passengers referred to the devastations caused by the area, the Bermuda Triangle, over which we were passing. He told us how a number of ships had disappeared mysteriously in the Bermuda Triangle. He remarked that we all must be very lucky. I thanked God when the plane safely touched the runway.


Ah! That’s not bad! It reminds me of 2 stories I wrote for my English class last year! (They were actually the same story, just 2 different perspectives.) My former teacher now uses them as class examples.


Well, it is bad considering that that was one of India’s most reputed schoolbook publishers. The staff that created this book was four teachers and one Principal.


I meant the story that you wrote wasn’t bad.


It wasn’t mine exactly. It came in my schoolbook. I’ve never posted a story here.


Found this gem in my math textbook. “An Airplane pilot jumps out of an airplane and has an initial velocity of(I don’t need to put the rest)” First of all, why, you’re not ejecting, Secondly, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


My maths teacher made these questions for us, one of them was: an aeroplane traveling from London to Dublin travels at 4000 mph, it takes off at 13.09. Assuming the distance between Dublin and London is roughly 360 miles when will the plane reach Dublin? I explained to her that airliners don’t travel at 4000. Mph but she didn’t want to hear it.


Many of you may have seen my topic about my talk and eventually I decided on supersonic aviation. So I had done a few aircraft and decided to ask my teacher what aircraft he would like me to talk about next and he said. This is a quote. “That big double decker thing that flew to Glasgow and got a lot of publicity” I just said ok and waited for to go and turned to my group and said “No” So I asked this guy that comes to a computing room with me because the teacherets me use computers and I normally just use PS to mwke liveries and he has become a half plane geek. I asked him the same question and he said. “What about the new boeing dreamliner” after that I decided not to ask anyone else.


Technically, the B787-10 is a new Boeing Dreamliner, so he is not wrong there.


That moment when you try to teach your 3 year old nephew about the Boeing & Airbus Family

(Basically what I tried to do)


When people in class ask you “Airbus or Boeing” just to get an answer out of you

The answer is of course Boeing